Monday, 24 March 2014

Java is extremely powerful and Easy Language. But don’t misunderstand its easy but powerful and popular language. It is a must learn programming language for you weather you want to develop web Applications or desktop Applications. It is also good for you if you are willing to develop for mobile phone. Java is Ideal choice for everyone.

Lest's check  the reasons behind Java's success and why it is the first choice for every programmer in application development market.
1 : Its Easy to Learn  :
Java is the easiest programming language to start with. Believe me if you are a beginner you are gonna love its syntax as it is quiet easy and almost same to the natural language. Beginners can learn and understand  a lot faster as compared to C++. The syntax of Java is easy to remember so the beginners do not have to waste a lot of their time in learning the complicated syntax unlike C++ so beginners can give more time for learning programming rather than learning the syntax. Java is free and it is object Oriented.
2 : Platform Independent and Powerful development tools :
Java introduced the concept of WORA(Write Once Run Anywhere)which is One of the biggest reasons of Java’s success. You can develop on one platform and can run it on many others which saves a lot of time and effort. But JRE(Java Runtime Environment) should be installed on the target platform first. You can get latest version of JRE for your platform at Oracle Website.
Java has powerful development tools like Eclipse , NetBeans and IntelliJ.
3 : 3rd Party Support:
Many other companies support Java. Java supports Android application an OS development (which attracts mobile developers). It can also easily integrate with databases like MySQL. Web pages can also be created using Java. GWT(Google Web Toolkit) supports java to create web pages. Java is also used to create dynamic webpages and Server side Applications(JSP's and Servlets).
4 : Highly in Demand :
JAVA is highly in demand by employers and its not going end up soon due to its advanced features and ease of usage. Most of the applications developed now a days are coded in Java. 
Java developers are more likely to get a good job as compared to C++ developers. As mentioned above java has 3rd party support which makes it much more popular as compared to other programming languages.
5 : Free notes plus free IDE's :
Java have a lot of online support and free notes are available in thousands of websites. It also has the better IDE's than others like Eclipse EE ,Net Beans. And all of that for Free!!! 
6 : Java is an All Rounder :
You can do anything using Java you can create web pages and web applications using Java. Java is also a must learn if you want to develop mobile applications. You can create Databases using Java. You can create games with high quality graphics. There is nothing which you can not do with java.  Java is fun And i Bet you will never feel tired of Java.

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