Saturday, 22 March 2014

The biggest problem a beginner faces is the problem of Logic Developing. Many of Beginners do not have too much creative thinking. Today i m going to share with you the techniques which i used to strengthen my logic in programming and  they helped me a Ton. Believe me you are going to love them.
Know what you are doing 1 : Most of the beginners just want to make their code run rather then thinking of logic behind it. Trust me you are not going to learn anything if you continue doing this.The better way is to break your problems into pseudo code and then try to implement each line of pseudo code into the program.
Read Other programmer’s Code 2 : Obviously I am not asking to copy other programmer’s code always use your own methods. But after developing your own logic for a problem try to compare that with other’s programs. You can learn a lot by doing this.
Challenge Your Skills 3  : Keep testing and Challenging yourself on a regular basis. Try to do something new and challenging whenever you find time. Your quest for knowledge should never end.
Challenge The Rules 4 : Always keep challenging the rules of the language for example java does not allow constructor overriding. Think that why the developers chose not to allow constructor overriding. What problems would arise if it was allowed? and what are the possible benefits if it is allowed?
Understand The Algorithms 5 : Try to understand the algorithms you find on the internet and write code for them by yourself rather than copying code from the internet some example algorithms are Bubble Sort , Array Reversing , Even or odd functions , drying shapes using asteriks and loops and many more.
Teach others and Discuss 6 : Teaching others will help you a lot to review the things you skipped and its also going to make you much more confident of what you can do. 
Write Your Own Code 7 :  Always try to develop your own logic don’t copy code from the internet, internet should always be your last option.
Never Lose Heart 8 : A large number of beginners fail to become a successful programmer because they are impatient and lose heart too early. So Never even think of giving up just keep trying and you will see the improved version of yourself everyday.

Hope this helped. If there are some other tips which worked for U comment below and and   FOLLOW ME for more  :) !!!


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