Saturday, 29 March 2014

You can launch your Java project by just double clicking the jar file of the project. For that you have create the jar file first. Don't worry you don't have to download additional tools for that purpose it can be done using Eclipse.

If you don't have Eclipse you can download it for your platform HERE
If you don't have JDK you can download it free for you OS HERE

Here is the step by step method to create Executable Jars using Eclipse :

  • Right Click the project from which you want to create jar file 

  • Click Export 
  • Choose Export destination as Java 
  • Select Runnable JAR file  under Java 
  • Select a Launch configuration i.e select the main class 
  • Select the destination where u want to create JAR file
  • Select Extract required libraries into Generated JAR file under Library Handling  

  • Click Finish

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